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Founded in 1988, the Spanish brand RAS is constantly blooming with imagination and creativity.

Ras creates women’s shoes ideal for both day and night. Each styles carries a message of love and pleasure perfect for all occasion and combines an eye-catching mixtures of textures with rich and vivid decorations.

Ras is an expression of creativity, craft, texture and shape for a woman with a refined taste for fashion.


Ras’s design atelier in Elche, Spain, is the perfect environment where our crearive team has maximum freedom to transform emotions and thoughts into unique creations full of imagination and fantasy.


Creative craftmanship has an important presence in the fashion world today. Using the best and more innovative materials, our team of artisans has an historical family tradition in shoe making and devote itself to deliver expertly and meticulously crafted designs offering maximum comfort, functionality and solidity.


Ras is continuously in search of expectional materials where texture, colour and feel are key to offer a rich, lively and unique selection every season. Our designers are influenced by nature, folkore, architecture, arts and history. We love to dress our creations with exo-responsible materials and precious embellishments.


The shape of fashion has evolved into multiple design disciplines, from wooden crafted models to 3d high tech objects. Tradition and innovation show the path to look around for inspiration: nature, architecture, sculpture, objects, city, and geometry. This enables us to constantly change shapes and create new, young and sophisticated silhouettes.


Ethical production practices, eco friendly materials, sustainable fashion awareness. Innovative designs prioritizing style and the planet. Merging trend and functionality. We enjoy creating and making Lola Cruz, we make shoes that are the perfect balance between design and the finest materials carefully chosen. We like to listen and fulfil the needs and desires of the independent modern woman independent and loving fashion.