The company CAMERLENGO, leader in the italian and foreign footwear sector, is located in the Marche region, near the industrial area of Monte San Giusto, in the provence of Macerata. The factory carries the whole manufacturing process, from designing to cutting, from assembling to finishing and to a production: 100% Made in Italy. The success of our company is related to our technical and our manufacturing skills and to or attention to details.

The synergy of such elements has allowed and still allow us to create exclusive products, appreciated both in Italy and abroad. The company CAMERLENGO, distrubutes the brand REDWOOD and CAMERLENGO LABORATORIO ARTIGIANALE. With a collective of 40 employees, CAMERLENGO, creates every day the shoes of our time, unique and original shoes, true to the traditional working craft but always cutting edge in style and materials research.

A unique style, which combines the traditional craft experience and the extreme pursuit of material and processing techniques . Each product of the CAMERLENGO collection is born in a real laboratory, where every day, artisans, artists, workers, designers, share their experiences, under the artistic direction of the family members.

“Made in Italy” which is a synonymous for originality and authenticity, a brand which has been designed for both: to guarantee the importance of being “Made in Italy” and to underpin the identity of the product created and produced entirely within ‘interior of the Monte San Giusto laboratory.