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SCARNO was founded in 1995 by Carl Nobelen after a 15-year long career as marketing and sales director for CHANEL Group Netherlands.

SCARNO’s first collaboration was with the Austrian brand THINK!, a pioneer in sustainable production: already in 1995 they were using only natural materials and treating their leathers without the use of chrome.

In 1996 SCARNO started a collaboration with HUGO BOSS footwear to launch and set up an exclusive distribution network in the Netherlands. In 2004 HUGO BOSS had 150 points of sale in the Netherlands and HUGO BOSS AG took the licensee back in house.

As a result of this success SCARNO was approached by GUESS Inc to launch their Footwear and Handbags collection in the BENELUX. Frédéric Minvielle left his job as fashion stylist in London for top fashion magazines such as Esquire, to join SCARNO and manage this new department. SCARNO built up the brand with a network of 350 POS in the BENELUX. In December 2007 SCARNO sold its distribution rights to GUESS Europe.


SCARNO today carries the following portfolio of brands:

LOVE MOSCHINO Accessories and footwear for women. Urban music inspired streetwear, designer footwear and accessories collection.

LOLA CRUZ luxury women’s footwear. Designer Maria Jesus Gozalvo: “I design women shoes for real lives, – to walk down the street, dance in the night or office wear”

Top level designer women’s footwear and accessories collection with a touch of glamour.

UNISA “Beautiful and elegant all day long” women’s footwear and accessories. Made in Spain high quality footwear at an affordable price for the busy professional woman.

RAS creates women’s shoes ideal for both day and night. Each styles carries a message of love and pleasure perfect for all occasion and combines an eye-catching mixtures of textures with rich and vivid decorations

During more than 27 years, SCARNO has built up an extensive reputation in terms of distribution and customer service in the Benelux. Our 250 m2 modern showrooms are in the easily accessible Amsterdam business district featuring free parking. The location is conveniently located close to many other leading showrooms.

Our distribution network consists of a well-balanced high-profile network of the most upmarket footwear, fashion and accessories retailers in the Benelux.